It’s time! The Hackathon has finished, and it’s time to vote!

Check out each team’s demo below. Choose the team you think has built the best solution and vote for them. Remember you can only vote once!

By voting you will also be entered to win an electric scooter, the same Grand Prize the hackathon winners will receive! The winner will be selected at random from the public voting pool.

Team EU

Team EU has put forward a plan to develop an app for reporting a data breach within 72 hours. The data breach app will provide a secure platform to report, manage and track data breaches. Watch the demo video to see if Team Europe can build a solution capable enough to address their data breach challenge.

Team HR

Team HR “Hackathon Royalty” have tasked themselves to develop an app that enables a seamless pairing for mentoring. Both for mentors and those looking for a mentor they will look to bridge the communication gap and connect the dots between the two parties.

Team IP

Team IP self named the “dark horse” in this competition have built a solution for developing a process to allow trademarks to renew and which to lapse which currently is a long and manual process for trademark teams.

Team Diversity

The team are devising an app based solution to help drive diversity and inclusion within an organisation by expanding efforts for an equal opportunity workspace. Watch the video to find how they went about it.

Team Pro Bono

Team Pro Bono have challenged themselves to build a solution for corporate pro bono programmes that will centralise communication and will be tracking pro bono activities. This solution will provide the analytics required for reporting both internally and externally and automate recognition for those attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise to help their communities.