Welcome to Hack the House and thank you for joining us for three weeks of fun and innovation!
1.   All Participants must cooperate and coordinate with their team captains and other team members to confirm availability and hours that they will dedicate to building and ensuring maximum output.
2.   The Participants will be required to disclose their current active contact details (email addresses, phone numbers and locations to coordinate time zones) to the Point of Contact which will only be used for coordination purposes.
3.    All building work will commence only after the communication is received from the organisers and within the three week period allotted to the hackathon. Any work done out of the pre-decided building period cannot be considered for judging purposes.
4.   All team builders are certified on the Apptitude platform and are familiar with the technicalities of the platform.
5.   The team captains are required to provide a short weekly video update of their respective teams’ progress and the same will be updated on the Hack the House website and used as promotional material to promote the hackathon on social media.
6.   At the end of the respective three weeks of building for the teams, their access to the platform will be automatically ceased to ensure that no building work is done over more than three weeks.
7.   The teams will have the week of 16th November to record their video pitch and a demo of their applications to be used in judging.
8.  Videos will go to the judging panel on 23rd November and scores will be based on consistent criteria.
9.   Public voting will open on 1st December via social media and email alerts to people registered for updates.
10.  The voting period concludes 8th December and winners will be announced in a webinar on 15th December.
11.  Having fun and making long-lasting connections during the hackathon are a mandatory requirement!
Good luck and happy ‘hack’ing!
The main Point of Contact for all Participants with regards to any queries or questions will be:  

a.  Josie Johnson, Marketing Director, Onit Email:
Tel No.: +1.281.729.8429

b.  Ashley Pursley, Marketing Programs Specialist, Onit
Tel No.: +1.346.701.3206