Team HR "Hackathon Royalty" - Captains Log 2

Team HR is working tirelessly to solve a traditional HR nightmare! Systems to track employees’ development and performance over the course of a year. 

As we already know, Team HR will be building an application that will help mentors to find mentees and vice versa. A person would go into the app and say “I want to be a mentor” and enlist themselves as a mentor and these are the areas that I feel that I’m good in being a mentor. On the other side of the app will be an individual that says “I need a mentor and I’m looking for a mentor in these specific areas”. In this way people will be matched and the HR will be able to keep track of the employees’ development and performance. 

The app so far has only taken approximately 20 hours to build!

Watch out competitors, #TeamHR (aka Hackathon Royalty) is coming for the crown!