Introducing Team ProBono

Let’s get to know Team Pro Bono! Team Pro Bono is captained by Paige Edwards, Director of Customer Experience at ONIT and has been charged with building a solution for corporate pro bono programmes that will centralise communication and will be tracking pro bono activities. This solution will provide the analytics required for reporting both internally and externally and automate recognition for those attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise to help their communities. 

Onit's Apptitude platform's fast configuration, automated workflow and document generation capabilities will help them reach their target much more easily.  

Their Secret weapon? Karma! When working to serve the community and the greater good how can she not be on their side?

Team Pro Bono:

Paige Edwards, Director of Customer Experience, ONIT
Massimo Penzo, Senior Consultant, MORAE GLOBAL
Nick Panagoplos, Global Legal Operations Manager of Projects, CHUBB
Kim Takacs, VP, Global Corporate Real Estate, Portfolio,CHUBB