Introducing Team HR

Team HR states that with so many talented individuals in their team, it is almost unfair to the competition! 

The HR Team will be building an HR solution for their mentoring programme as they felt that there was a need for employees to be connected with mentors and mentors to be able to find a mentee in a suitable application that will help them connect the dots. 

Their secret weapon?! The HR in their name stands for Hackathon Rulers!  

Team HR: 

‍HR and legal go together like Jobs and Wozniak (well, in the early days). Members include:

Curtis Batterton, Legal Operations & Global Technology Manager at McDonald's Corporation
Chris Hultgren, Business Analyst - Global IT HR at Deere & Company
Weston Wicks, Director of Legal Technology Implementations at Morae Global
Brett Baccus, Managing Director at Morae Global
Dipesh Parmar, Sr. Associate at Morae Global
David Duffey, Account Manager at Onit