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It's nearly over! Vote for your favourite team & a chance to win an electric scooter!

5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 screens off and stop hacking! As the app building time runs out, we wanted to say well done to the Hack the House 2020 teams. We are ...

Team Diversity - Captains Log 2

Co-captain Rhonda Oliver gives us an update as to where they are in their Hackathon journey. Team Diversity is now working on refining their solution and having all set for the judging components.

Team EU - Captains Log 2

Hear from Robert Johnson, team boss of #TeamEurope and find out more about how the team is progressing with the solution they build!

Team Europe hasn’t recorded any...

Team HR - Captains Log 2

Team HR is working tirelessly to solve a traditional HR nightmare! Systems to track employees’ development and performance over the course of a year.

Introducing Team Diversity

Last but not least, t is time to meet Team Diversity! Captained by Jesse Viani and Rhonda Oliver, Team Diversity is trying to improve the metrics available to progressive law departments who wish to better understand...

Introducing Team ProBono

Let’s get to know Team Pro Bono! Team Pro Bono is captained by Paige Edwards, Director of Customer Experience at ONIT and has been charged with building a solution for corporate pro bono programmes that will...

Introducing Team IP

It is time for Team IP to introduce itself! Captained by Josie Johnson, the team brings together some real heavy hitters including the best onit certified builders in the world.

Team IP will not be...

Introducing Team HR

Team HR states that with so many talented individuals in their team, it is almost unfair to the competition!

The HR Team will be building...

Introducing Team EU

Team Europe plans total world domination in the great tradition of our forebears. Our goal is to build an app that is so relevant, so useful and ...

Meet the Hackers Who Are Reengineering Legal Operations

Are you ready for a friendly competition? These legal operations professionals raised their hands and said, “Hack, yeah!” ‍

Two weeks ago, we announced our new hackathon: Hack the House....

Are Legal Operations Professionals Ready to Hack the House? Hack, Yeah!

The next time you’re tapping your iPhone or reviewing a contract on your MacBook Pro, you might want to thank hackathons.

In 1975, the Homebrew Computer Club met for the first time..

Hack the House October 26th 2020 – 4 week Hackathon Powered by Onit

Cosmonauts have teamed up with Onit to create a promotional Hackathon called Hack the House. Five teams will be using Onit's Apptitude platform, a "no-code" app builder to plan and create...


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